Origin Tasks


01. Initial Survival and Gathering.

Everyone starts in the same spawn area with a limited world border, to ensure everyone stays close together. We focus on basic survival tasks as a team: gathering wood, mining resources, setting up a shelter for all, and farming for food. Before we enter the next phase we must complete the following tasks:

  1. Setting up a spawn area that allows new players to easily integrate. Think of: community chests with food, and stone tools. Directions, perhaps invitations to join you. General information about our world!
  2. Building roads stretching from spawn going north/south/west/east, with each their own individual theme.

Reward: Expansion of the world border & moving to phase 2.

02. Individual adventure, Connection

Each player can go ahead and start their individual adventures. Vanilla Minecraft at its finest. Within this period of time, there are certain tasks we have to complete before we can move on to the next phase. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Expanding the main road system that goes N/S/W/E. Decorating along these roads.
  2. Connecting your base to the main road system (at least 14 bases). Using signs to show who lives where. Decorating your own road.
  3. Upgrading the spawn area and tidying it up. Decorating around it and improving it.
  4. Creating a nether portal near the spawn and a portal area for it.
  5. Creating 2 public spawners based on naturally generated spawners (cave spider, skeleton, zombie etc.)

Reward: Unlocking the nether, expansion of the world border, a chest of goodies + moving to phase 3.

03. Nether festivities

  1. Create a market area near spawn. Allow people to set up their own independent shops.
  2. Creating a centralized nether hub at the central nether portal.
  3. Collaboratively build the nether hub and upgrade it, creating ice paths going N/S/W/E for at least 400(?) blocks in each direction. Provide boats near the middle hub, provide directions, designated area for mining.
  4. Connect at least 16 bases & the market area to the nether network.
  5. Connect the stronghold to both the overworld road and the nether ice network.

Reward: Opening of the end (main island) + moving to phase 4.

04. End & Community.

This phase is about completing community challenges and developing different aspects of our world. With each challenge in this section that is completed, the end border is expanded a bit more to allow for further exploration. In the future, re-regen of the chests might occur after completing another challenge, to allow newer players to also have access to elytras.

  1. Build a beautiful spawn for the stronghold - (Event idea, designing it?)
  2. Build a public (pretty!) ender pearl farm in the end.
  3. Public villager trading centre near spawn?
  4. Build an infrastructure for elytra/ender pearls: launching pads all over the overworld.

Reward: Expansion of the end for each challenge completed above

05. Origin's Community

  1. Skyblock in Origin as an event.
  2. Mob Museum Challenge
  3. Underground railway system/metro connected to spawn.
  4. If phase 4 is completed and origin is thriving, perhaps have “natural disasters” interfere or mob invasions?
  5. Minigames at people's bases?
  6. Elytra parkour through the map?