The Technical

Each of our plugins have been chosen and configured to make the economy stable, to encourage player interactions, and to make the gameplay fair, fun and not at all complicated. Here's some basic information on our major plugins:


As the name suggests, its got almost everything your normal minecraft server needs. Around 100 features, this plugin will surely make your experience easy. It allows access to teleport requests(/tpa), recipes, rules, setting homes and other commands that can be found with /ehelp in-game.


This is a peaceful mode plugin, it allows you to create and manage your own town. Anything in town territory is automatically protected from griefing and mobs. You can be a resident and join a town, or be the mayor and proud ruler of one, you can manage your town however you want, set taxes, pay town upkeeps, and even form your own nation!

Grief Prevention:

This plugin allows you to create claims and protect your builds and items. You must use a golden shovel and select the corners of your desired area. Mostly suggested for players who play alone or small groups of friends!


An island (or two) in the sky with limited resources. Survive and complete the challenges in order to master Minecraft in a different type of gameplay.

Dynamic Map:

Basically, Google Maps for Minecraft. It allows you to view the Map of the server, it shows all the Worlds, Towns, players, weather, time, and lets you speak to those players through it, all from your browser! This is quite good for explorers out there, as you can check out unloaded chunks and generate new terrain that no one has laid their hands on.


Otherwise known as " The Rpg Lovers Plugin", if you're into treasures, boosting your abilities, mastering your axe and sword. This plugin is for you, it adds a wide variety of treasures, abilities and powers that take your average minecraft activities to the next level. Things like fishing, excavating, mining become alot more interesting to do with this fun plugin. It also enables you to create your own party and level up your skills together!


Keep track of everything that happens around you with just a simple command /lb tb, you can know who broke, created, took or put into your chests with this amazing tool. It also allows rollbacks for users who were the unfortunate victims of griefers, so fear not when it comes to your builds as this plugin will always be there to tell you who the culprit was and will undo any harm commited by him.

Auction House:

This is basically an auction, however you cannot bid. What you can do, is sell all the custom items you want at whatever price, whether it's a book, tools, armour, renamed items, you can sell it! Simply accessible with /Auction command.


This fun plugin allows you to disguise into any sort of hostile or passive mob. You can have a heck of fun with it, scare your friends with the witch disguise, or look cute and cuddly as a harmless piggy. It just ensures you to have a laugh with your buddies at the end of it all all with a simple command /d.

-- SentinelCraft Staff